As demand continues to rise for energy from cleaner sources, we continue to invest into MOSC's long-term plan to build a better energy future for generations to come. - Mr. Aftab Al - Hassan, Chairman

Chairman’s Message

In 2010 we took a more cautious approach in to which way we operated throughout the market, the unstable conditions within the industry and the economy meant an increase of risk with any project undertaken.

Continuous development of MOSC’s risk assessment strategy had helped the company steer clear of any effects of the global economic downturn.

The revival of the market in 2011 allowed us to develop new opportunities to help the continuous growth MOSC has been seeing over the past years. The industrial upswing particularly in Asia has been an integral role of MOSC’s growth. The sheer scale of demand for energy alone has given us a steady and positive outlook for the next 25years in which MOSC will continue to expand its operations.

Our principal objective is to provide customers with quality products and professional services that:

  • Fully satisfy their needs.
  • Deliver on time and within budget.
  • Represent value for money, and through exceptional personal services exceeding expectations.

We achieve this through a structured continual improvement program that ensures the quality of our products and services which helps to reduce costs and develop staff skills. MOSC maintains a quality system that meets the requirements of quality systems standard ISO-9001:2000. & ISO/T.S.29001. Constant review and auditing of this system ensures its applicability and use throughout the organization.

Our management team is committed to the principles of continual improvement and to the successful implementation of the quality system.

All of MOSC’s employees are committed to the quality system and are aware of its benefits to customer satisfaction, internal processes and the goals and objectives.

We believe in setting up high standards of work behaviour by encouraging an atmosphere of mutual esteem and two-way communication.