Vision, Teamwork, Responsiblity, Conformity

Our Values and Heritage

With over 4-decades of experience, MOSC has developed into a key-player. Our strong commitment to living by our principles and values has helped MOSC to set and break milestones across the industry.

MOSC’s success stems from its core principles which are shared throughout the company and its subsidiaries. Respect, honesty, integrity and honour are the core values which reflect MOSC’s people and work. Our business principles and accordance with the law mirror the MOSC heritage.

Our social outreach is an integral part of MOSC’s business principles. We focus to contribute on sustainable development, by integrating long and short term initiatives to improve the quality of life wherever we are active. Reducing and limiting our footprint while preserving traditional culture and values is inseparable from MOSC’s basis of responsibility.

We strive to become a one-stop-solution when it comes to our clients’ needs in project development life cycle right from evaluating its viability, arranging finance, plant construction to finally assisting in marketing the plant’s output.

Our success depends upon our understanding of the client’s objectives and how best we can facilitate them; thereafter we seek to establish an open working relationship with client based on mutual respect.

We commit only what we can deliver and aim to deliver much more that what we commit.