MOSC – Strategy and innovation – Energy, Social responsiblility, Research and development, Investment

MOSC Strategy

MOSC aims to continue providing sustainable growth which has remained our priority and has not changed the direction of our strategy. As a world leading energy company we believe that it is vital to integrate our corporate strategy with the following pillars that underpin our success and growth.

  • Analysing & focusing on our global markets.
  • Leveraging our operating and capital efficiency.
  • Investment in core competencies, infrastructure and industrial technology.
  • Attracting, maintaining, developing and integrating core businesses.
  • Building long-term partnerships globally where suitable.
  • Expanding our core capabilities. Investing in various regions across the globe.
  • Utilising our business model with full effect to create and main the sustainability of MOSC.

As a result of a new wave of growth MOSC is on track to meet its strategic targets, with over 20 new projects in the pipeline in 2011 alone. New on-stream project start-ups have put MOSC in a position to proudly announce its success in the Upstream sector. We believe that what we have achieved in the Upstream division can support MOSC’s growth for the next 15 years.

Downstream sector still remains one of the most important divisions of the company. MOSC’s ability to build and operate oil & gas infrastructure while delivering unparalleled engineering solutions has placed the company as key player in industry. MOSC plans to achieve a boost in efficiency by improving the range of services and products offered. By managing risks effectively MOSC is able to achieve a reduction in costs whilst improving profitability in a number of activities. This will allow us to increase market share and continue as a well-renowned leading energy company.