Partnership qualities – Creative and innovative, World class services, Social consciousness, Going the extra mile

What We Look For In Our Partners

We believe it is vital to continue collaborating with organisations throughout the industry, building a more efficient and effective outcome to ensure optimum quality, cost and delivery.

MOSC have therefore entered into agreements with several such companies. This gives us the distinct advantage of being able to access their services and deploy them as required and also giving our clients the benefits of working with a single source contractor. This strategy of “Networking and Outsourcing” allows us to leverage our capabilities by providing flexibility in operations whilst limiting our overhead costs.

Key values of our partners:

  • Competitive bidding.
  • Innovative implementation of technological services.
  • Cost effective procurement of logistics activities.
  • Effective purchasing and distribution network, which provides the transparency MOSC requires.
  • Meeting international standard requirements.
  • Utilizing and supporting world leading suppliers.
  • Commitment to sustainability.