Central Refinery Project – Phase I

Client: SCOP, Iraq

Value: US$ 170 Million

Scope: Design, engineering procurement and construction management for a 70,000 BPSD grass roots refinery comprising of an-Atmospheric distillation unit (Capacity 70,000 BPSD), a light distillate HSD unit (Capacity 29,000 BPSD), a catalytic reforming unit (Capacity 16,000 BPSD), a gas oil HDS unit (Capacity 12,000 BPSD), and a amine regeneration unit (Capacity 680,000 tons/year)-together with all supporting utilities and off-site facilities. The crude Oil refinery is designed to process 34 degree API Basrah light crude and 28 degree API Mishrif crude to produce gasoline, kerosene, gas oil and fuel Oil.

Status: Under Execution