Commodity and Trade

MOSC's strong and secure position in the volatile world of energy markets is based on extensive contacts in both the oil producing and oil consuming countries, and a portfolio of interests in bulk trading of oil and gas and products.

Our energy business centres in London and Dubai, and through these offices our clients have access to the trading company's resources around the globe. Our energy experts negotiate international and domestic transactions in oil and gas, and their derivative products, from spot transactions to long-term supply arrangements. We have demonstrated our strength in trading Iraqi Crude and are now rapidly expanding to source and trade in Russian Crude and Gas.

With expanding our sourcing base we would be in a position to provide our clients with constant and stable supplies. With our global network and distribution channels in the U.S and Asia we can assure our clients access to the world's energy resources on competitive terms.

MOSC is positioned to offer a variety of commodity trade services:

  • Secure supply contracts for consumer companies.
  • Assist producer companies to market their products.
  • Logistic services.