Our strength lies in our capability to achieve early construction planning through an experienced construction management and system configured to align with local subcontractors and labour force. Our capability to source experienced skilled manpower from the best sources all over the world gives us an extra edge over our competitors in delivering high quality services at a lower cost. Our highly experienced commissioning staffs, working with the clients’ operating personnel and our construction team, prepares the plant for safe start-up and sets it up on a fast route to profitable production.

MOSC has evolved into a premier contractor specializing in plant shutdowns, turnarounds and revamps. We operates in the entire Middle East providing complete turnaround management and execution services which include estimating, planning, scheduling, cost control, procurement, construction management and project recruitments.

Since turnarounds are one of our primary businesses, the company devotes substantial resources to continuously improve its management and execution procedures.

Construction Management

  • Construction bid specification, preparation, evaluation and contract negotiations.
  • Contract administration.
  • Construction supervision.
  • Field inspection and testing.
  • Crew management.
  • Coordination with engineering.
  • Field quality assurance and controls.
  • As built documentation.

Commissioning Management and Plant Turnarounds

  • Execution of field work under direct fixed lump sum price or unit price contract.
  • Supply of highly experienced technical manpower for construction and commissioning.
  • Commissioning and start-up.
  • Plant operation and maintenance.

Construction Management

  • Skilled construction manpower including welders, fitters, riggers, fabricators, millwright, equipment technician, electricians and instrument technicians.
  • Construction supervisors and field engineers.
  • Commissioning and start-up engineers and technical plant operations staff.

Project Requirement

We have been providing high quality value added service of supplying highly experienced technical manpower for construction, maintenance, commissioning and plant operation services in Oil and Gas, energy and petrochemical sectors. Our experience with multi ethnic workforce and full understanding of client business environment help us in delivering customized solutions to individual clients. We directly recruit manpower for the project services of our clients through a wide network of our and our associates' offices.