We are capable of achieving early and effective site planning that is applicable to both maintenance and construction activities through the use of developed construction management systems configured to align with local subcontractors and labour forces. We can source experienced skilled manpower from all over the world. Our highly experienced maintenance, construction and commissioning staff, working with the clients’ operating and maintenance personnel, will undertake all necessary steps to implement the required work programme leading up to a safe the plant start-up and commissioning and hence to profitable production.

MOSC has evolved the skills required of a premier contractor specializing in construction management and full plant shutdowns, and revamps. We operate throughout the entire Middle East and North Africa providing complete shutdown management and execution services, which includes estimating, planning, scheduling, cost control, procurement, and construction management.

MOSC’s maintenance services include:

  • Shutdown maintenance and plant turnarounds.
  • Supply of highly experienced technical manpower for construction and commissioning.
  • Pre-shutdown maintenance planning.
  • Commissioning and start-up.
  • Plant operation and maintenance.